Thursday, November 7, 2013

Multiple trains

Our flight got in early and immigration and customs was no problem. We took the Malpensa Express train service operated by Trenord to Milano Centrale. The airport station had smooth wheelchair access to the train--elevators to the ticket office and platform and a no step plank to train. However at Milano Centrale as well as Porta Garibaldi, there are two large steps down.

The Sala Blu is an office at larger train stations that assists passengers with disabilities.  For our Frecciarossa high speed train to Florence, they arranged for a wheelchair lift at Milan which worked well. And sorted out some confusion regarding getting a seat with wheelchair space. Hopefully it will go smoothly in Firenze as well.

The train has free wifi but due to Italian law,  they require a credit card transaction. ..of 1 cent.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Setting off

Smooth trip so far, and now on board last leg to Milan. Charlie's wheelchair is safely in the storage closet on this Boeing 767-400ER (all the way front left, with a lip of about 4 inches).

We are back in Economy. Business Class toilet clogged so a bit odiferous even back here. Maybe they should serve oatmeal in Business Class with Metamucil shots...

Monday, November 4, 2013

Testing mobile app

The mobile app has some pretty negative reviews (and perhaps valid criticisms). So I'm trying it out. One was that photos can't be placed within the text. You can do bold and italic and add links as well.

It does seem like the photos insist on sitting at the end of the post.