Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cheap trip for miles...

I travel enough that I earn enough for a flyer miles that I reach the lowest status that allows me to get free upgrades and certain mileage bonuses. The problem is it becomes a never ending cycle of needing to purchase more and more tickets to achieve the status every year. I ended the year with your miles an expected but really close to what I needed. So I searched for a inexpensive flights that would give me the miles I needed without serious inconvenience. I found such a flight in a round trip from our home airport in Madison to St Louis Missouri.
The layovers are such that I will be able to leave the secure area in both Minneapolis and in St Louis, and be able to ride each city's light rail system to a downtown landmark.
My trip got off to an inauspicious start when I forgot to pack my city bus pass, and also forgot to bring small bills, so my trip by city bus to the airport cost $10 instead of being included in my bus pass.
Because of the early hour on a Saturday, I had to transfer buses at a location at a large shopping mall. Even though it is freezing out, still before sunrise, the moon is out, and the mall parking lot is almost empty the mall open for another, a Jehovah's witness appeared out of thin air to offer me Watchtower. I think she was giving another bus passenger a ride.
The second small mishap was that I forgot to eat my yogurt before clearing security, however they didn't seem to notice it on the X ray.
Photos: my first bus, the unfortunate bus ticket, moon over the mall

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